Friday, December 08, 2006

NASCAR Post-Banquet Rant

The NASCAR Cup year-end banquet, held last week in New York City, should have been old news by now. To my amazement, a week later I keep seeing references to it on various message boards and news sites across the internet.

The vast majority of opinion is that the Banquet was boring, dumb, idiotic, a waste of time and a sign that the demise of NASCAR is rapidly approaching. I do see some comments, mainly from media members that have attended many, many of these events, that this particular banquet was much better than the past. Further reviews do show that SOME fans enjoyed it, but it was in proportion to the amount that THEIR favorite driver was shown. However, the masses are declaring the Banquet show to be a total waste of time.

I am amazed at the amount of angst over the banquet. Since when has ANY awards show been exciting to ANYONE who is not getting an award? If you are a fan of those being honored, it is great. If you don't have an affiliation with any of the winners, it is dull, dead and boring.

Just check out the recent American Billboard Awards ...since I am not much of a music fan, and when I do listen it is to Classic Rock or a bit of Country........there was nothing at the Billboards show that interested me. However, I don't see a boring show as a symptom of all things bad in the world of music. Many NASCAR fans felt that the awards show was the harbinger of the Death of NASCAR, because it was a sign of NASCAR's apathy to anything the fan wants.

Those fans who have watched that show for years will say that it was indeed shorter, and more entertaining. Did some of the jokes fall flat? Yes, but then that happens at any awards show! Was Melissa Rivers showing off her lack of knowledge on the 'yellow carpet?' Yes, just the same as she does for the Acadamy awards. There was nothing different here!

For heavens sake, it was just a television show! It was a chance for the leaders of NASCAR to gather, get out of their element, have fun, and be honored for success in their sport.

And then again, some would say the looks of boredom on the faces of the participants were because of the desire to 'get r done!' to head to the party afterwards! From what I understand, THAT is where the fun starts!