Saturday, April 18, 2009

David Gilliland, in his NASCAR career, has often been referred to as a David slaying Goliath! Now, it appears David becomes a Monster, as he and TRG Motorsports have announced sponsorship from American Monster, a new television show coming in Fall of 2009.

TRG, known also as The Racer's Group, has been lauded for their NASCAR on a Dime program. They have few employees, fewer cars, and yet still make an impact every week at the highest level of NASCAR, the Nextel Sprint Cup series. Kevin Buckler and his small marketing and public relations team have been busier than most teams in making sure the word gets out about being sponsor-worthy. They have been creative in bringing their message to the media.

David Gilliland brings along a large fan contingent, some recent, some who have raced with David over the years, and even some who competed against David and his father, Butch Gilliland. The fans however, all have united into a strong support network for their driver and his endeavors. The racecar at Martinsville had the back deck proudly emblazoned with a "Gilly's Gang" sticker.

This sticker was paid for by the members of Gilly's Gang, who raised nearly $3000 in just a few days. When the cashiers check was delivered in Texas, the Marketing Director arranged for Kevin Buckler and David Gilliland to meet with two representatives of the Gang.

Speaking as a member of Gilly's Gang, it is only fitting that we are glad to show our pride in our driver. We are all thrilled with this new partnership.

TRG's owner, Kevin Buckler, emphasized the perfect fit for American Monster and TRG.

"The very definition of an American Monster is what we portray in our team. What we have been able to do, with 11 Monsters on the crew, against the large well funded teams has earned us a place in this sport. It was a huge risk to get involved when we did, but that risk is now rewarded with a great looking blue and silver No. 71 American Monster Chevrolet."

Gilliland, on NASCAR's Raceday Real Deal show, hosted by Wendy Venturini, states "...really, this is the way I have raced all my life...all of the racing I have ever done has been two guys in the shop, myself building on my own racecars and another guy."

American Monster PR has stated "To be an American Monster is to defy the odds and compete at the highest levels relying on little more than your tools, natural talent, and pure determination"

It appears that this is a marriage made in heaven, a perfect fit all around!

(photo credits and quotes from,, SpeedTV, and Snafam!)