Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sponsor for Yates and Gilliland?

NASCAR fans of Yates Racing today received a jolt of excitement, all due to one Mr. Dave Moody, kingpin of the Sirius Speedway show. Those who were listening today heard a fan call in, waxing poetic over the attributes of both Yates Racing drivers, David Gilliland and Travis Kvapil. Then Mr. Moody dropped some information that had me all agog!

As many know, Yates Racing has been a study of perseverance and tenacity. With next to nothing in the way of sponsorship, both Gilliland and Kvapil have carefully driven their cars into the midpack of the points. Many times, the cars were bare white, with numbers and 'SponsorYates.com' on their quarter panels. Many in the NASCAR world have marveled that these 'plain white wrapper' cars are outperforming many cars that have big name, and presumably big buck sponsorship.

Meanwhile, back to Sirius Speedway. The fan who called in talked about how great the two cars are driving. Dave Moody piped up with commentary that, while he was unable to pin down Doug Yates at last week's race, he had heard some interesting rumors that Yates may have sponsor decals on the quarter panels in the near future. He did emphasize that there was nothing finished, and no guarantees until the check had been received and cashed!

While I won't be holding my breath waiting for confirmation of this news, I will be keeping an eye on Jayski, and the other rumor sites. I will now be sure to listen to ALL Sirius shows, to hopefully hear trickles of news.

And if a sponsor deal is indeed around the corner, I applaud the sponsor. I want that 'mythical' sponsor to KNOW that fans of David and Travis will be thrilled to throw their support behind that sponsor! A sponsor will get an outstanding deal with those two!

And if there is no truth to this rumor, then I am sure that there are sponsors out there who would be a perfect fit with Yates Racing. And if you are a sponsor in the process of looking, then what the heck are you waiting for?