Sunday, January 21, 2007

Random NASCAR Musings

Testing is over at Daytona, and the teams have hurried back to the shops to analyze and prepare for the next test in Vegas.

1) As a fan, I am beginning to hear the drivers repeat themselves over and over. It seems they are saying the same thing they said last year, and the year before, and the year before that. I wanted to comment on it....but one of my favorite writers, Monte Dutton, said it far better than I could. Check it out HERE! Thanks Monte!
2) David 'Pablo' Poole is another favorite, and who could resist this article:
Juan Pablo THIS!

3) Surprises in Daytona testing? Not really! The Yates team mates of Ricky Rudd and David Gilliland ran well, but then, the Yates restrictor plate program has been hot for a few years. Montoya? Of course that team is running well....but was there any mention of his team mates? Umm...David 'Pablo' Stremme or Reed 'Pablo' Sorenson? Stars DO shine brighter in Florida! As far as the rest of testing, I still don't trust the speeds as being a sign of the future. I will wait until Vegas testing to get a better idea!

4) It has been a sad beginning to our year. The loss of Bobby Hamilton and Benny Parsons will be felt for a long time.

5) There is some rumbling in Las Vegas that the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will not have the garages done in time for the March race. Granted the original article states they think the garages will be done in time for the race, but Vegas is notorious for not having construction done on time. I am not sure if that means the parts that the teams use, or the upper level for the fan veiwing area. I am sure the teams will have something to say if their areas are not done...but will the fans who spent the $$ on the Neon Garage, and then not have full access, get a refund of some kind? AND, how will the teams react if the garages are not done for testing next week, and the weather turns crappy?

6) Speaking of LVMS, the sight lines are being greatly reduced. When attending the truck race, last September, I saw the infleild buildings cut the view of the entire track unless you sat in row 40 or above. One could hope that the track will have MORE big screens installed, instead of just the ones facing the main grandstand. There are a whole bunch of folks on Turn 3 and Turn 4 that won't be able to see about a third of the track. Granted, they are not paying the bigger bucks, but that is still not the way to enamour the fans to a track that most of the TV viewing audience considers to be boring.

7) Robby Gordon finished 8th in the Dakar rally. Way to go, Robby! (I find myself to be totally entranced by this challenging event, every year!)

8) Vegas testing is the 29th and 30th of this month. I will be there with my NASCAR buds, scanners in hand, trying to glean whatever information I can possible figure out.

9) If you are a rabid fan of any driver, you may have noticed that many of the fan clubs are in renewal mode right now! I am impatiently waiting for Denny Hamlin's club to open for orders for 2007. I also hope to see David Gilliland have a club start up soon! It would be great for Ricky Rudd to restart his fan club. You have to wonder though, when certain "Southern Gentleman" is taking orders for fan club membership, but is not offering a list of what is being included in exchange for the $20 or $25 smackaroos. But then again, the fan club package has been one of the most erratic ever, as no two members ever get the same thing. One could hope they take a lesson from the Harvick Fan Club, which in my opinion is one of the most FAN-centered Fan Clubs in NASCAR.

That is all for today!