Thursday, January 14, 2010

David and Michelle Gilliland: Making it Real for their Fans!

Over the years, many NASCAR fans have picked drivers to follow. The internet has made it even easier for fans to connect with their drivers. In earlier times, websites were created, and some drivers added message boards and forums. Those forums became a place for their fans to meet each other, and chat about their driver and the racing world.

Today, many drivers have moved on to new internet media. Facebook and Twitter are both used extensively to inform the fans and media of activities. Sadly, many of the NASCAR world moved away from message boards and towards using the social media sites. Many fans enjoy the social media fun, but also mention missing the friendliness of the forums. Driver message boards used to be the first place to go for information.

One driver who still connects well with his fans is David Gilliland. Twice last year, he and his wife Michelle held an online chat with their fans at Last night, the Gillilands held their first chat of 2010.

In these chats, topics range from David's driving season, opinions on racing action and rules, family activities and vacation plans. In previous chats, we learned who David idolizes, how he and Michelle met, and how their family is doing. This week, we learned of possible plans for David's 2010 ride, and what the family did over the holiday season. Each chat leaves his fans exhilarated and excited! After much research on the 'net, I am unable to find any driver who responds at such a personal level.

If you wish to join in, go to and register for the Fan Circuit. (Registration is free!) Gilly's Gang will welcome you with open arms. Clicking here will lead you to the transcript of last night's chats! There is some interesting information there! You REALLY should check it out!