Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Myriad Mutterings from the Marbles!

I have finally completed several work-related projects, and now have time to breath and blog! Whew!

Fracturing the Yellow Line: Yes, I am going to add to the already overly rampant beating of a dead horse. However, MY problem is that I cannot make a decision about the right and wrong of the Talledega Line Debacle! Tony Stewart and Regan Smith are both adamant on what was right or wrong with the judgment handed down by NASCAR. The confusion was made even more considerable by inconsistent enforcement of the rules over the last few years. The opinions are sharply polarizing between segments of fans, journalists, television and radio personalities, and any one else who has an opinion. The good news is that NASCAR has decreed that they have tightened up the rule and will enforce it as such, maybe, kinda...well, we will see!

GEM dumps Carpentier: Patrick Carpentier learned a very valuable lesson about NASCAR team politics. While it was indeed wrong for his Technical Director (aka crew chief, for all of the non-GEM fans), Mike Shiplett, to serve up a royal butt-chewing in the garage area, and even if it was in the hearing of many in the garage area, it is NOT considered appropriate to air the dirty linen in the news. Non! Non! Non! Perhaps Mr. Carpentier made an erroneous assumption that NASCAR fans could not read French?

Missing Figurehead? One has to wonder what is REALLY going on at Gillette Evernham Motorsports. Ray Evernham is not around very much, even admitting on Sirius Speedway that he has other 'projects' that take him away from the track. One might get a glimpse of what his 'buy-out' deal really looks like, when one examines the failed buy out of Robby Gordon Motorsports. It is worth speculating that Ray was given an honorary position on The Board of Directors for a short time, as his duties are noticeably being curtailed. Mr. Small Time Former Crew Chief (TD?) meets Big Time Corporate Conglomerate!

Former GEM Diamonds now in the Rough! And speaking of Patrick Carpentier, he has joined the ranks of Jeremy Mayfield and Scott Riggs! It appears that any driver of the #10 car is fated to leave early. And at this point, two of the three have left under a cloud of discord. It is a shame that GEM can't see their way to working with Patrick, as I believe he was one of the 'open-wheelers' who had a chance to make it in our world. I don't foresee it getting any better for Reed Sorenson. Pity!

Sour Sabates? Speaking of Reed, Felix Sabates may have a burr under his saddle. Felix recently slammed Reed's driving capabilities, and also slammed a long-term sponsor of the sport (Texaco) for being cheap and chintzy. Wow, Felix, did you know that it is considered tacky to use napalm when 'burning bridges?' Chip Ganassi has been the polar opposite, mum is the word from him! Is Felix the Designated Slammer, leaving Chip looking pure and pristine? So sorry, but we are not believing it, Chip!

One more 'Who?': So, ironically, AJ Allmendinger is going to drive the 10 car for the last five races of the year. This is a laughable twist for GEM driver Elliott Sadler. First, it took Sadler all year to learn how to pronounce Patrick Carpentier (no, Elliott...really, his name was NOT Patty Carpenter!) and now Elliott is a team mate to a driver who is also known as 'What's his name?' In fact, 'What's his name?' is still being called 'What's his name?' by Sadler while on the track, even though Sadler and 'What's his name?' have supposedly cleared the air after a wreck earlier in the year. Sadler is supposedly beloved by women, children and dogs, yet AJ's puppy tried to take a chunk out of Sadler. Good doggie! Smart Doggie!

'Dega Dump? And if Sadler is so well beloved by all, and is one of the most popular drivers in the garage...(I didn't say that, but a whole bunch of media types do say that!) why is it that he has not ever been able to rally his fellow drivers around him at a plate track? He had a top three run locked up at 'Dega, and yet when he pulled out, not one of the following ten drivers chose to go with him! Perhaps, the conversation heard last year at 'dega on another driver's channel will make a difference...."The spotter for the 19 says he will go with you if you pull out! (silence, then reply): "Yeah, RIGHT!" "I know, I am just relaying the message!" "(laughter heard from spotter, driver, and crew chief)" (Ironically, people who were listening to Mr. 19 Spotter Dude and Mr. Popular Driver never heard that conversation on the scanner! Mr. Spotter Dude shining the other driver on? is getting so deep, readers may want to invest in 'hip waders!') Perhaps Mr. Popular if being given a dose of his own medicine! One can only hope!

Don't Blame the Blimp!: Goodyear is under fire again, for the 'exploding tires' at Talladega. Yet, even the most 'major' of NASCAR news outlets, such as ESPN, has articles that are great at roasting Goodyear, while neglecting to comment on the ARCA race at Talladega. Yes, ARCA had exploding tires causing all but one of the multiple wrecks, indeed impacting the first two places in the points standings. However, the tires were a different brand, by the name of Hoosier! We can't blame this one on Goodyear, folks!

Yates Rockets? Both drivers for Yates Racing have surprised the NASCAR world, in that they are doing far better than anyone expected. Severely underfunded, it appears that Doug Yates and Max Jones have found a lean, yet workable business model. The addition of Paul Menard and his family sponsorship can only add credibility that this team is planning on being around for quite a while! Rockets? Not yet! But soon!

Here is to a good race at Lowes on Saturday night! I will most certainly be tuned in!