Friday, July 25, 2008

SHOCK! Tony Stewart's Very Bad Night!

The NASCAR world has been all abuzz with the news that Tony Stewart is expanding his future in NASCAR to take on the ownership role. Handing away a reported $35 million in equity, jailed car owner Gene Haas has given up 50% ownership in his team, enabling Tony Stewart to bring his own name and sponsors to the struggling organization. Indeed, today is the day he introduces his car number and his sponsors to the media and to the fans.

When Tony first entered the NASCAR scene as a driver, he carried a tremendous amount of stress and anger into his relationships with media and with the people he has had to deal with daily. He has had shoving matches with reporters, he frequently has on-track altercations with drivers, has been sanctioned and fined by his own sponsor, and lately has been using his Sirius program, Tony Stewart Live, to lambaste other drivers, reporters, and even NASCAR.

The media and fans have been speculating about Tony and his ownership skills. Many fans do not realize that Tony has already been a car owner, in the USAC world. In fact, he owns the midget cars driven by Tracy Hines and Levi Jones.

Tony attended a USAC race at O’Reilly Raceway Park last night. And as reported by The Herald Bulletin Tony had another display of temper.

Stewart, the two-time Sprint Cup champion, owns the midget cars of Tracy Hines and Levi Jones. Hines entered Thursday’s race as the points leader and was running in the top four when he brushed the outside wall on a restart on the eighth circuit

Hines’ crew attempted to change a right rear flat tire and get Hines back into the race before another restart. As the crew pushed the car to the front of the straightaway, a USAC official indicated they were too late.

That brought Stewart down pit lane to voice his displeasure with the decision. Stewart’s actions first knocked the headset from the official’s head, and he then shoved the official.

It was unknown if USAC officials would issue any penalties against Stewart.

Once again, Tony will be facing potential sanctions by racing officials, and he must be wondering if there will be a lawsuit springing up from the person who was shoved. Tony is quite familiar with this type of lawsuit, having been the subject of several. While many of those lawsuits were considered frivolous, a few were based in fact.

Tony as a NASCAR owner/driver will be under even more stress. NASCAR media will be hoping to see Tony in those pressure-cooker situations, and will be poised with pen in hand ready to write about the latest antics of Mr. Stewart. He is always good for a story, whether good or bad!