Sunday, April 06, 2008

NASCAR Sponsor Roulette!

What do all of these NASCAR sponsors have in common?

Red Bull
United States Air Force

And what do the above teams have, when combined with the following NASCAR sponsored teams?

State Water Heaters
Mobil One
Aarons Rentals

Both groups are behind the two UNSPONSORED Yates Racing cars in points. And even worse, the first group of sponsors are on cars that are not locked into the Top 35 in points, and have a chance of not even being seen in a race.

photo credit Snafam

photo credit MMSMama via

What is wrong with that picture? Either picture?

Potential Sponsors..... please go to This is your perfect chance to get in at the entry level.

All of the above listed sponsors need to take a long look at their own programs right now. As witnessed by General Mills moving to Richard Childress Racing, it is not too early to start your plans for next year.

After all, today at Texas Motor Speedway, those Yates cars finished 15th and 18th, and outran over half of the field. They will produce for you, too!