Sunday, September 24, 2006

My take on the "new" Las Vegas track

We spent a wonderful weekend night sitting out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway track watching the Craftsman Truck Race. We were delighted to see some great racing on a brand new track surface.

As I sit watching the race on my TiVo, I am shocked to see that within 25 laps in, the so-called 'talent' in the booth have declared the track to be boring, since the racing was strung out.

My seating was right under the media suite, and I must have been on a different planet. I saw drivers, who spent the testing day complaining they could not get to the high side, going two and three wide into the turns. I saw passing. I saw racing!

During the race, I was tuned into MRN. I heard them make the same observations, both on and off the air.

It took another 20 laps before the TV Talent caught on. Perhaps they were listening to MRN, and decided to use the superior observations of the radio team.

Now, if the track could just fix the traffic situation. Coming in and out was a nightmare. There were people still trying to get in at mid-race.

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