Monday, October 16, 2006

Testing in Homestead, "Who Are You? Who? Who?


10/20/06 (according to AJ Allmendinger will be replacing Bill Elliott at the Atlanta race. It appears likely that our Mystery Man was AJ, being tested himself! I have a feeling we will soon know who our next Team Red Bull driver will be!


Reported on Sirius Speedway, from Homestead testing....Team Red Bull is testing Toyotas. But, how can they be testing? Their announced driver, Brian Vickers, is currently still on contract to Hendrick. They have yet to announce Brian's team mate. However, word via Sirius Speedway is that they have a driver there, who has never taken off his helmet during the whole first session. The driver is wearing a no-name drivers suit, with no logos. He keeps his helmet on. He disappeared inside the hauler for lunch. He was of average size and build, but the reporter was unable to discern the identity.

Who could this be? Is it an open-wheel driver who is trying to make the jump? Allmendinger? Villanueve? Tracy? Or is it a NASCAR driver who is still under contract to another team? Vickers? Nemechek? Kvapil? Schrader? Or a returning driver? Elliott? Rudd? Ward?

From what I heard, it is driving the media slightly crazy! What fun! I am off to get extra pop-corn, as the entertainment level is rising!


Gvav1 said...

Hello SNAFAM...I'm new to your blog. You mentioned Sirius, will their Nascar channel be comparable to XM's? I really enjoy Claire B Lang on XM...

SNAFAM said...

Hi Gvav1!

Well, I don't know how to compare Sirius to XM, because first, I don't have XM! and second, the programming is not yet up!

Sirius Speedway, however, has been around for a few years, and they do an extremely good job on all motorsports, with the heaviest amount being on NASCAR! They should be a major part of the new programming in January.

I like Claire B Lang, alot! I have heard that XM will continue most of their programming. It appears that Sirius will add the Radio Broadcasts, Tony Stewart, and other programming!

Keep checking back, I promise this blog will get more active!