Thursday, November 09, 2006

NASCAR: The Chase is ON, and almost over!

Two races remain in the season. Fans who have drivers still in the Chase are going into overdrive to find out all information and opinion available. I have just a few quick thoughts, to perhaps lead us into the Phoenix race.

Jimmie Johnson appears to have his ride on rails. This team seems to have a better attitude this year, and have been so consistent it is amazing. They have taken bad cars and made them better. They have had amazingly great cars, also.

Matt Kenseth and his team just don't seem to know how to panic. They too continue to keep focused and have their eye firmly on the target.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr WOW! What a comeback last week. This team is showing some true grit. Perhaps the car does not unload off of the truck in perfect condition, but they sure seem to make things better!

Denny Hamlin A few months ago, while watching Inside Nextel Cup, Kenny Schrader compared Denny to Davey Allison. Wow! and Whoa! and Yikes! And by the way, Kenny.....I agree totally. This rookie will be around a long time. He too has had cars that don't run well, (as in with 7 cylinders) and they still pull off top ten finishes!

Kevin Harvick, in my opinion, is the last one who still has a chance at the title. This team has really come around. Comparing this year to last year is like comparing the Taj Mahal to a grass hut!

Jeff Gordon is probably out of the Chase. But, good days are in his future. When he announced his engagement, he went right out and won. Now that he is married, who knows! A win here, too?

Jeff Burton A great comeback from the last several years. I don't think there is a fan out there who would not be thrilled to see him win again!

Kyle Busch A driver that so many seem to dislike, few can deny his talent! A great year be so young and made the Chase...WOW! By the way, one of the local Las Vegas newspapers had a great article discussing how Kyle is helping a young short track driver. See it here.

Mark Martin I hate that he appears to be out of the running. I hate even more that he will be driving something other than a Ford. But then again, a bunch of my favorite drivers are making changes.

Kasey Kahne What can I say? The car, and the kid can win. But, I see a trend with Evernham cars making the Chase and then self-imploding. In fact, if I were Ray Evernham, I would be very concerned about the engine program.

And while not in the Chase, Tony Stewart is sure showing us how to run without the pressure of points racing. He is racing for wins, nothing more, and nothing less! Way to go, Tony!

More later!


Gvav1 said...

Nice blogating!

I believe Hamlin could become the next Allison!

Will JJ implode here at the end?

Yeah, everyone loves to hate the Shrub...just feels natural!

And lastly...Burton's comeback story scores an A+!

Anonymous said...


DaleJarrett4Ever said...

When looking at the standings and the points difference, it is really against JJ and Matt. Of course Junior and Hamlin still have a chance but unless JJ and Matt having major issues in the last two races, they don't have a chance.

Good luck to all the drivers.

Lets drop the green flag and go racing!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the comments, even though you're more positive than a Pamela Anderson hepatitis test.

Go Tony!

SNAFAM said...

Just wait, I am not always this positive!:)

Tiredawg said...

Yo Merri, I'm hoping Harvick can pull out a miracle, but the Cup is Princess Jimmie's to lose. I am gonna hook ya up on my link bar, stop by and say Yo. Dawg