Thursday, March 15, 2007

LVMS, Chapter 2!

Going into race week, I was reading all available information about race predictions. The drivers all seemed to hate the track changes, and the collective media was attacking the commentary with a zeal that gladly pointed that there were going to be wrecks.

All of this is old news now. We saw that the Busch race had a record number of cautions. We saw that we really did not have a huge amount of cautions in the Cup race. it possible that the Cup drivers maybe figured out they needed to be a bit more careful? Or did they take a cue from some of the fans who declared..."Shut up and Drive!"

Frankly, this was the first year I have been in the stands (for 5 years) THAT I did not have to fight nodding off mid-way through the race. The racing got better and better. The groove started widening, and the drivers were using both the top and the bottom to pass. And, I saw SAFE three wide driving coming out of the corners!

Was it perfect? NO! But will it be better and better? YUP! The track will actually weather fairly fast out here, as that sun will bake the surface. The truck race will help the seasoning even more. Bumps? Who makes the drivers think their way through the turns! I expect that next year will be much better, and the following year, the track will completely live up to Bruton's expectations.

I listened to a few drivers on the scanner. Many were struggling all day with the set-ups on their cars. One in particular complained about so many items, I am surprised he ended up in the top 15. I swear they changed everything but the ashtray, and it still did not make him happy.

I have heard some drivers still complaining about how horrible it was, and how it was a 'white-knucke' experience. Frankly, it left me feeling that drivers may have become a bit too relaxed in their weekly job. Too bad they had to have a race where they had to run on the edge, and yet still keep from crashing. I am hoping their fear-induced adrenalin will keep their heart valves from getting all plaqued up!

Survival of the fittest? Maybe! The old track configuration had the drivers loving it, but the fans complaining. So, the changes were made with the fans in mind, and the drivers don't like it? Hmmmmm...that is interesting!
If we hear the same griping next year, you can bet that I will have a shirt made with the TMS infamous saying.....'SHUT UP AND DRIVE!'

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