Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Race Week is FINALLY here!

I am glad to say the Vegas NASCAR race is finally around the corner! We have a house full of company and plans are being made for every day of the weekend.

First off will be the trip to meet David Gilliland at M&M's World Thursday night. M&M's World hosts a nicely run event. The associates there make sure the line is kept entertained by the M&M's spokescandies Red, Yellow, and the vampy Miss Green. I want to thank Robert Yates and M&Ms/Mars for hiring David. He is proving to be an excellent representative for the brand. Ricky Rudd is a great representative for the Snickers brand, too!

The race itself should be interesting. The test in January had weather considerably cooler than what we are experiencing now. We are expecting temperatures in the low 80's, so the the new track may have less grip. At the truck race last fall, the second groove came in pretty fast as the sun was setting.

Fifty-three cars are projected to try to qualify. Friday will be a long long loonnnngggg day! The Busch race will be earlier this year, thank heavens! And the Cup race will have its usual long wait to get out of the parking lot!

If I can, I will post my observations during race week. I hope the TV version of the race will be exciting, but it usually is never as exciting as actually being at this race.


sparkyplug said...

It's an important weekend for RYR!

Snafam said...
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racefan57 said...

have any more room ?? kidding... but I'd love to get out of the ice box for a few days...especially to see a race. have fun!!

racefan57 said...

I posted your link to my blog roll

funny comment...thanks!!