Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tony Stewart's Prelude to the Dream

Yes, I did it! I paid the PPV for the Prelude to the Dream.

I have been rather peeved with Tony Stewart since Tony decided to put David Gilliland into a position of "he has to learn......" I even posted my anger on my blog, and was surprised that a long term blogster who is a fan of Tony agreed with me. In fact, Tony has been on the edge, again, and I am just counting the races until there is a major blow-up!

However, I paid the money to watch the Prelude to the Dream. Yes, it was Tony. But, in more ways than I can count, it was not about Tony.

It was about many 'names' of NASCAR joining up for a good cause. It was about, for many drivers, getting back to their roots. (OMG, I now know where Jeff Gordon, Kasey, Tony and several others get their car control!) For other drivers, it was a new learning experience. (Rumor has it that Harvick gave lots of advice to the newbies. I wonder if JPM ever trusted where exactly his clutch pedal was located! And why did Denny say..."I learned to not believe Harvick!" followed by a huge grin!)

Bill Elliott and Ryan Newman 'got into it' with awesome amazing twists, turns, and one upside down car. The drivers both got out of the cars. and started describing how it happened with great glee and HUGE grins!

Tony put on a great show. It took a huge amount of planning and a huge amount of commitment. As much as I 'have issues' with Tony, he did a darn good job.

And BTW, for those that missed it, Austin Petty did a wonderful presentation on VJGC, and that kid could easily have a future in broadcasting.

I really enjoyed watching this event, it was a great deal of fun!

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