Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sliced Bread and Bitter Pills

"The greatest thing since.... Sliced Bread"

Joey Logano turned 18 years old, and now officially joins the ranks of drivers in NASCAR's upper levels. The young racing sensation makes his first NASCAR Nationwide series appearance this weekend at Dover International Speedway.

Nicknamed "Sliced Bread" by Randy LaJoie, Joey has been signed with Joe Gibbs Racing for a few years as a development driver. Once he reached his majority, he re-signed with Gibbs. The young phenom already has a very lucrative Motorsports Authentics contract. It is hopeful that Joey lives up to his hype. It would be a shame to see him suffer the fate of other promising young stars that were unable to live up to early expectations. (photo from Daylife)

Bitter Pills #1

There has been much discussion on the air waves, and on the 'net, that Kyle Busch's incredible Joe Gibbs wins are being fueled, in part, by his bitterness from being cast-off by Hendricks Motorsports to be replaced by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. And now, it appears that Jeff Gordon agrees with that assessment. (photo credit AP, Jim Cole)

Gordon said during a break from Tuesday’s Sprint Cup test at Pocono Raceway that he believes Busch may harbor some bitterness toward his former organization, which let Busch go to make room for Dale Earnhardt Jr. to join the team in 2008.

Well, duh! Jeff! Ya think?

Bitter Pills #2
(Photo credit, NASCAR Scene Daily)

NASCAR warned us. They told us and told us they were going to escalate their penalties if the new car was 'messed with.' I am sure that the owners, the crew chiefs, and the car chiefs of Haas/CNC Racing are all smarting from the latest round of penalties. The rules were clear. What next? Drivers sitting a race in front of the TV, instead of beyond the wheel? At this point, NASCAR's message is loud and clear!

I think Sliced Bread is far more palatable than Bitter Pills!

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