Tuesday, June 09, 2009

NASCAR Media all A-Twitter!

I am finding it increasingly more interesting to follow the NASCAR media in the last few weeks. As an 'older generation' fan, and most certainly an older generation 'blogger.' I find that I am not on the same side of many of the bloggers and even some of the media who write about NASCAR.

But what the heck! This is the new age, and I have just as much right to express an opinion as anyone. As an observer, I found the recent Kyle Busch 'Guitar Gate' event to be an astounding mass of misinformation!

I recently discovered Twitter, and Lo! The media is all a-twitter!!!! The media was Aghast at the Smash of the Axe! (So was I!) Immediately after the guitar smash, I sent a 'tweet' to the Gibbs media representative who reports during the race. (Yes, I sent my displeasure, and I am sure many other Tweeps did the same! ) Within minutes, there was a steady stream of "Sam Bass loved it" and "The Sponsors Loved It!" I could see the spin happening! In fact, the spin happened for several hours into the next day.

Monday morning, listening to Sirius Radio's The Morning Drive, I heard NASCAR writer Nate Ryan as a guest host, declare the party line: "Sam approved of this a year in advance." After Sam came on the air on the later broadcast, Sirius Speedway, we found the whole story, as Sam did not know about the future trophy destruction at any time before the event. When it happened, Sam was stunned, heartbroken, and disheartened. He declared that Kyle told him LATER that he did not mean disrespect, but Sam was still upset. Sam, for those of you who have yet to meet him, is a humble and private man. He will do anything to help anyone, but even he said that the smashed guitar was not replaceable, it was one of a kind.

At that point, the Twittering Media was responding with..."What?!! Sam was not happy!!!???" Until Sam appeared on a few select shows, no one had asked Sam Bass how he felt, and no one asked the venue operator, and no one asked Federated Auto Parts. RESEARCH is important!

I woke up this morning with Sirius in my ear, and heard Nate Ryan continue with his philosophy. He and Mike Bagley decided that anyone who disagreed with their opinion would be discounted. I have to wonder, how would David Poole react? Encountered with evidence that what they had espoused the previous day was not true, they continue blindly in the same incorrect direction, picking apart any argument that did not agree with them. Indeed, Bagley went through a mass deletion of detractors on his Facebook page.

To take it to the other side of journalistic integrity, I had an encounter with an individual who writes for the blog compiler "The Bleacher Report" who made some statements about what he thinks should happen in a particular NASCAR ride. He had several facts wrong, and after several dialogues back and forth, where I, and others, presented facts, he finally gave up and deleted his blog. For someone who claims they are planning on a career in "Mass Communications" perhaps they should be prepared to RESEARCH and RESPOND with FACTS! If one has the courage of convictions, one should not need to delete the blog when overwhelmed with facts.

Hubris is not permanently attached, it can be pulled from your psyche to reveal humility and the desire to find out the truth.


Rowdy said...

Man so glad I came over here to read some of your works including you bad mouth me like a high schooler gossiping in class. Glad you got all your facts before you posted about the situation, OH WAIT, you didn't.

Snafam said...

If you notice, I have published your response. I am not going to delete it.

'Rowdy' Mason Dunn said...

So what, don't act all high and mighty it doesn't change the situation. I did respond with facts as I sent you links to two articles about the Fitzpatrick situation. My article wasn't even about Fitzpatrick you just zeroed in on that. And for the record I read one of your previous posts about Gilliland, Labonte did not replace Gilliland. Labonte replaced JJ Yeley in the 96 and as part of the partnership Yates decided to transfer the 28 and 38's points to the 96 and 98 hence why Kvapil in the 28 had to qualify on time.

Snafam said...

Since your article has been deleted, I cannot go back and double check those links you gave me. So I will zero in on one of the things you said here: Labonte did not replace Gilliland. Labonte replaced JJ Yeley in the 96 and as part of the partnership Yates decided to transfer the 28 and 38's points to the 96 and 98 hence why Kvapil in the 28 had to qualify on time.

Here is a good link to prove that Labonte did not replace JJYeley. Racing reference has some good information: http://racing-reference.info/owner?id=mooraje01 There you will see that Yeley raced the first 17 races, and was replaced by Ken Schrader, Joey Logano, PJ Jones, and Brad Coleman. Labonte did not get the ride until Jan. of 2009.

As part of the agreement with HOF and Yates, they gave the points of the 38 to the 96. (we agree on that point) They started out the year using the same cars that they used for David's car. Bobby's first 5 races in 2009 were based on the points that David earned in 2008. Menard took the points that Travis earned. While it is splitting hairs to say that there were new cars, new numbers, and sponsor ship issues, many will say that Menard and Labonte replaced Gilly and Kvapil, based solely on the fact that the points were transferred in that way.

Thanks for your reply. It is interesting having you here.

'Rowdy' Mason Dunn said...

Bottom line is Labonte is in the Hall of Fame car, not the Yates #38. The points were transferred but it is still the #96 team. OK so Labonte replaced Yeley, Schrader, Logano, Jones and Coleman in the 96 if you want to be specific. Yeley was the last full-time driver of the 96 ergo I say Labonte replaced Yeley.

Here are the links again,

And by the way I have my improved version of the article posted.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your latest blog Merri regarding the spin by team Gibbs and anyone else that thought smashing a one of kind piece of art in front of the artist was ok.
The whole thing was rather nauseating and I think even less of Kyle,if that is possible.
Bagely's whole Kyle being Kyle,you folks asked for personality,it was all good with Sam Bass defense is really weak and I thought the guy possesed a high sense of right and wrong.
As you asked,what would David Poole had thought of the whole thing?I am certain that he would have been suitably pissed of and would have had a strong rebuke for Kyle.