Saturday, February 28, 2009

Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Day 1

Last week, I blogged about Auto Club Speedway's track experience. This week, my home track comes under scrutiny.

The Neon Garage is fabulous! I still love the way we have access to the drivers, although I imagine that many of them feel like they are the exhibits in a zoo!

Traffic was a bit of a nightmare, but that is to be expected with the massive construction project on the I-15 highway.

For some reason, the fan access to the head of pit road was blocked. One of the greatest pleasures of having a pit pass is to see the drivers walk with their cars. That was sharply curtailed this time.

The greatest problem we had is that of handicapped access. While the Neon Garage and the stands have ways for one with special needs to move around, the track had a major issue with the handicapped parking area. For some reason, they had their tram pickup point based at the back of the parking lot, with no ability to enter the lot until you reached the end of the lot. People who had parked in that lot to get as close to the entrance as possible, now needed to travel several yards more distant to then walk back to their cars.

I have had a friend visiting who has a need to rest after walking short distances. I have indeed become more aware of handicap access, and the LVMS staff could not explain why this happened. One could hope that the numbers of fans who complained,and who called the special assistance line, will pay attention.

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