Sunday, March 01, 2009

Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Day 2

Early this morning, I blogged about my home track of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and expressed some dismay at the way they handled helping the handicapped.

Today, I feared the situation would be even worse, as we took a cart with the expectation that we would be able to get closer to the Neon Garage. Our first driver dropped us at a location that was even further away from the garage than where we parked, and I frankly blew my stack! After reassuring the volunteer driver that I was not angry with him, I went in search of a supervisor. Said supervisor gave us and our cart driver another set of instructions, which then had us dropped at a shuttle line.

While preparing to board a shuttle, we asked the attendant about how to get to the garage, and discovered that the regular shuttles went nowhere near the garage. But the attendant immediately called for a handicapped van, and gave us clear instructions on how to call for a van to pick us up for our trip to the grandstands. From that point forward, everything went smoothly, both to the Neon Garage, and on the return trip to the Earnhardt Terrace.

My guest used the elevator to get to a higher level in the stands to enable her to walk down to our row. (Climbing is the challenge for her, in this situation.) She reported the elevators were large and numerous, unlike the single elevator at Fontana. Indeed she made it to her seat before I did, after I took a short detour to visit the women's facilities, where it was clean, well-stocked, and with plenty of 'seating.'

After yesterday's mess, it was refreshing to have a better day today. And the race was pretty good, too!

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